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March Madness Begins!

Posted on: March 17, 2008 9:27 am

So the brackets are out and today marks the most unproductive day in business...the Monday following Selection Sunday.  Many people are sitting in their cubicles as I type pondering which #12 seed will upset a #5 this year.  My bet is on Temple upsetting the overrated Michigann State Sparts (an note that I'm from Michigan!!).  The Big Ten just isn't what it used to Sparty may fall.

I used to run a pool at my old employer, and last year had more than 100 entrants (from 11 different states and 4 different countries!!), but have finally put it out to pasture this year, as I don't have time for it.  However, as I loved the sleepers, I thought I'd make my first blog entry on CBS to be about a few of the potential upsets I would pick in my brackets this year.  Historically there seems to be at least one #10, #11 and #12 advance to the second are my bets.

Temple Owls - winners of 7 straight, knock off the sputtering Michigan State Spartans (#12 over #5)

St. Joseph's - #11 over Oklahoma (#6) - Why not like the Hawks?  As a #11, you have to like that some of their losses inlcuded 1 and 5 pt losses to Temple (along with one victory over the Owls), a 5 pt loss to Gonzaga, and a split with Xavier.  The Sooners have not faired well against tourny-bound why not?

St. Mary's - The Gaels have not had the best finish to their season...and have lost to Gonzaga and Kent State in recent weeks....but a #10 has to beat a #7, and I'm not a big Hurrican fan (they started 12-0 only to finish 10-10).

I wish everyone good luck in their various pools over the next few weeks...and I hope there are plenty of upsets in the first two rounds, as that is what makes this tournament truly the best in sports.

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